Our Salt Family

You mean we get to share this phenomenal practice that we love to the point of bursting? Oh yeah! For us, teaching yoga is the coolest job on the planet, and we all train, read, practice, meditate and practice some more until our bodies ache wonderfully and our spirits are lit up. Why? Because we love this and we can’t wait to welcome you in and pass it on.

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Our Events

  • Go w/ the Flow!

    Wanderlust-headlining team Tori Reynolds and Ben Rivet are back with their unique blend of acoustic sounds and breath-bas..
  • Upside Down: Inversions Workshop

    Hand stand, head stand, tri-pod … Turn your world upside down. $15 Sign up here under workshops (https://clien..
  • It's about to get sweaty in Sewickley ...

    533 Beaver Street is getting shined up and steamed up for our first practice 5/12 at 9:30 AM!..
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Our Classes

  • Power Vinyasa Flow

    Strength, sweat, spirit. 60, 75, or 90 minutes.
  • Elements (Basics)

    Roots of it all. 60 min.
  • Gentle

    60 minutes of ahhh...

    Strong power flow - a fluid, sweaty 60 min. 
  • Salty Kids

    November & December Saturday afternoons. 60 min.

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Our Studio

You are welcome here! Salt Power Yoga is a space founded on the concepts of kula (community) and seva (service), celebrated with the physical practice of power vinyasa flow. This dynamic combination of breath and movement challenges every fiber of your body, while encouraging you to be present and aware with every twist, hold, and extension. You don’t need to be strong or flexible, you only need an open mind – from there, you will find that greater strength and flexibility, greater energy, will creep in. Supported by a true community of people who are sharing this path, you will find that through the sweaty physical challenge of yoga, your spirit will be more nourished. Whether you have been practicing for ten years, or have never felt a yoga mat beneath your feet, drop your expectations, show up. Move. Be Moved.