Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Happy Hour & Donation classes?

Our Friday night happy hour and holiday donation classes are very popular, so get there early to set your mat down. There are no on-line sign-ups for these classes. Donate whatever you have to give-100% of it goes to the non-profit of the month. 

I am a brand new yogi. What do I need to know?

Just dress for heat (tank top, shorts or yoga pants), bring some water (we've got it, if you forgot), bring a wide-open mind, and a sense of humor. We've got the mats, towels, blocks and yoga. And guess what? You are flexible enough, strong enough, and fast enough - just as you are right now in this moment, reading this. You are welcome in any class. Most of our classes are heated to a sweaty 88-92 degrees.  If it seems more your style, you can start with Warm Flow classes - same flow, lots of modifications and less heat.

Let us know it's your first. Our classes move pretty fast and no one expects you to know all of the poses or reach your toes. If you like, ask us lots of questions before and after - we are yoga geeks and love to talk about it. You will never be judged for how your yoga practice looks. In fact, we're pretty militant about not judging anyone for anything here.  Welcome - we hope you will make salt your home. 

What do I need to bring?

We've got you covered here! Dress for sweat and bring your favorite water bottle. We have mats, blocks, towels, water - you are welcome to bring your own or borrow ours. We also have showers, soap and towels to dry you off. You can leave your gear in one of our cubbies and kick off your shoes and socks. Please make yourself at home - we are so happy you are here. 

Why is it called SALT?

Nope, no salt on the floor, we don't roll in it, and we don't sprinkle it on you (we love all the things we hear!). Think "salt of the earth": simple community with no hierarchy and an almost militant code of non-gossip. We just don't need any more judgment in our lives! We also love the Isak Dinesen quote, "The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, and the sea." We definitely sweat in this space, sometimes we cry, and the rhythm of our breath rocks us like ocean waves.