We have opportunities for work-for-yoga exchange (we call it kula-ing) - just ask us.


Power Flow 60 min Image

Power Flow 60 min

Our signature breath-based power flow. This practice is as challenging as you need it to be to bring out the sweat and clear a bit of the gunk out of your mind. This is cardio, strength, stretch and, most importantly, moving meditation. All levels welcome. Heated.

Power Shot 30 min Image

Power Shot 30 min

Some yoga is always better than no yoga. If you need to get in and out quickly today, this is our signature breath-based flow condensed. 90-92 degrees. All welcome.

Warm Flow 60 min Image

Warm Flow 60 min

Breath-based flow, with a little less power, a little more modification. This is perfect practice to supplement your regular power flow or if you are looking for a gentler, less heated practice. Warm. All welcome.

Happy Hour Classes Image

Happy Hour Classes

On Friday nights, we get a little irreverent. We throw on some music, open up the doors and get moving for a one hour practice that goes entirely to the non-profit we support that month. This happens Fall, Winter and Spring. You can sign up online or pay with cash or card when you arrive-$5 donation. As always, we don't care what's in your water bottle. 60 min and sweaty.

Charity classes are crowded classes in order for us to maximize our donations. If you are uncomfortable with the crowd or have reasons this would not suit you, please attend one of our other classes on the schedule.