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July Level 2 Teacher Training

July 18-22, 2018

Salt Power Yoga, Pittsburgh PA

July Level 2 Teacher Training


You've mastered the basic flow and learned to offer breathe-based movement with rhythm and relevant cues, now take your teaching to the next level with Salt's Level 2 Teacher Training.

In this intensive 5 day training, we'll expand upon your basic core teaching to cover:


The Art of Conversation - teaching is a conversation between human beings, between cues and bodies. How do we more effectively step into that conversation to bring it alive?

Creative flow - we'll add expand your current bone-deep sequence to bring variety and responsiveness to your class with in the moment flows. We will offer you variations we use ourselves and work with you to develop your own breath-based flow expansions.

Responsive teaching - now that you have confidence around the basic class, let's look beyond to further engage and shift class based on the humans who have showed up in that moment. How do we more deeply see, feel, hear the class? And how do we respond most effectively?

Intuitive assists - each body is different, every day is different. How do we see and feel practitioners to provide deeper, more supportive assists?


Off The Mat - taking your own practice off of your mat/supporting practitioners in using the practice throughout their day - ideally, our practice is a seamless part of the river of our day. We will talk about how we can continue to practice throughout challenges and transitions in our own day. From there, we will look at how best to present these ideas to support all yogis in this path.

Spirituality & Flow - we'll continue our open-ended discussion of the possibility of asana and flow state as a means to create greater space in our lives.

Communication tools - how do we most effectively communicate with our class and how can we take that outside of the studio to up-level our professional and personal human interactions?

Presence - expanding on level 1 discussions, we'll look at how to further enhance presence in our practice and in our lives through physical cues and meditation, daily rituals and movement.

Upside Down Thinking - thoughts are so often on auto-pilot, both in class and in our lives. We'll talk about how we can begin re-wire that thinking to welcome greater positivity and clarity to our own lives.

Force vs. Ease - how do we bring more ease, less force into our own lives, on our mats, in our relationships?


Variations - We'll touch on variants of flow yoga to include prenatal, athlete's recovery, mindful movement and injury, depending on participants interests and needs.

Business of yoga - managing a classroom, yoga alliance, continuing education, 500 hour trainings, insurance. We'll touch on the fundamentals, with opportunity for questions.


The Rise of Superman (Steven Kottler)
The Legend of Bagger Vance (movie starring Matt Damon and Will Smith ) - please watch it prior to TT

Meditations from the Mat (Rolf Gates)
Cast Away (movie starring Tom Hanks)
Yamas & Niyamas (Deborah Adele)

Wednesday, July 18 @ 10 AM - Sunday, July 22 @ Noon. Sewickley & Seven Fields, PA

$1,000 (limited scholarships and work exchange available - just talk to us!)
$300 non-refundable deposit due upon registration. Remaining balance due July 18.